My ship... is dragging TROLLS!

As the adventurers were getting ready to enter the troll den, everyone’s favorite elves showed up needing further assistance from Gozer. Understanding the burden this was causing on the kingdom of Brightbloom, the elves left their ranged barbarian, and emo problem-child, Lance to fill in while Gozer went off gallivanting with his elf friends.

No sooner had Gozer left than the party encountered a pair of troll guards embroiled in an argument over combat/weapon prowess (ignoring the fact that neither one of them was actually armed.)

Initial attempts at diplomacy with the trolls proved surprisingly successful, with the sentries accepting a jug of “fire water,” and deciding it best that the adventurers meet the troll leader, located somewhere further in the cavern.

As the group was led further into the lair, they encountered yet another troll, this one accompanied by his trusty troll hound. Amazingly, and against all odds, acts of diplomacy again succeeded in staying the hand of the monstrous trolls. Their numbers now including three trolls and a weird troll-dog… thing, the party continued further into the den, images of troll armies dancing in the heads of people who, up until now, seemed relatively sane.

So, surrounded by a group of evil trolls, their alignment being verified by the paladin prior to even entering the lair in the first place, the group encountered yet a fourth troll. Unfortunately for everyone without the “t-word,” in their job description, this one would not be cowed by talk of “we come in peace. Here’s some fire water.”

The heroes were quickly overpowered, falling at the mighty hands of what could officially be deemed a “troll horde.” Soon, it was down to four trolls against a gnome earth elementalist.

A gnome earth elementalist with a Rod of Wonder!

With nothing to lose and no way of escape, she closed her eyes, pointed the rod at the lead troll, said the new command words (“I’M SORRY!”)

A stunned silence fell over the room. Eolande opened her eyes. The Rod of Wonder, in past encounters, had proven to be less than reliable. Fate shown on Eolande on this day, though, for the rod had turned her invisible.

Confused and hungry, the trolls abandoned the need to figure out what happened to the puny little gnome-thing, collected the rest of the party, and headed off in order to finish dinner preparations.


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